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Emery cloth wheel

Flap wheel

Art.-no. 067203080
EAN 4011231552820

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Emery cloth wheel

Art.-no. 067203080

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Made of soft, flexible grinding cloth segments for a shoulder-free, uniform finish.
  • Mixed corundum made from synthetic and specially fused corundum

  • Abrasive flaps in a synthetic resin core, embedded radial to the axis

  • Especially suitable for surface smoothing and fine polishing

At high rotation speeds a coarse grain acts like a finer grain and at low rotation speeds a fine grain acts like a coarser one. Use tools with a low contact pressure; high contact pressure leads to premature wear. With insufficient chip removal, do not increase the contact pressure, but instead use a coarser grain. Pay attention to the direction of rotation! Tools are only suitable for clockwise rotation.

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Application area

Fine sanding and polishing work in tool and mould construction, working smaller and hard-to-reach surfaces in container and apparatus construction, treating fittings made of heavy and light metals as well as stainless and acid-resistant steels.

Forged steel, malleable iron, grey cast iron, carbon steel, deep drawing steel, steel strip, injection-moulded zinc, non-ferrous metals, Cr-Ni and other stainless steels, wood

Diameter x width x shaft diameter

30 x 15 x 6 mm

Grid size


Min./max. circumferential speed

20-28 m/s

Material of abrasive medium

Normal corundum

Material to be processed

Forged steel
Malleable cast iron
Grey cast iron
Deep-drawn steel
Steels bands
Injection-moulded zinc
Non-ferrous metal
Cr-Ni and other stainless steels

Shank diameter

6 mm

Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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