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Plastic frame anchor W-UR 10 Zinc-plated steel

Plastic frame anchor W-UR 10 steel zinc plated

Art.-no. 0912810406
EAN 4046778820781

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Plastic frame anchor W-UR 10 Zinc-plated steel

Art.-no. 0912810406

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The first frame anchor with ETA approval. Tested and approved in more than 60 stone types and in aerated concrete. With countersunk head screw made of zinc plated steel

Anchorage via friction locking between wall plug body and anchoring base

Wall plug body made of high-quality polyamide

Push-through installation

Immediate load-bearing capacity — no waiting

Virtually no movement of the wall plug body

  • Low screw-in torque of the plug screw

  • "Slight" spreading of the anchor

Very strong twist lock

High load-bearing capacities

Expansion in four directions

Improved load transfer

Even, continuous load distribution across the entire expansion area

The hammer-in stop prevents premature expansion of the anchor during installation

Low assembly workload

Pre-assembled wall plug body and special screw

Improved load transfer in solid and hollow construction materials

  • Drill perforated and hollow blocks with a rotary drill (without impact mechanism)

  • For anchoring in solid brick and solid sand-lime brick, we recommend that you perform pull-out tests due to the differences in brick manufacturing.

  • Drill cuttings must be removed from the drill hole

W-UR 10 (galvanised steel, stainless steel): European Technical Approval ETA-08/0190

Wall plug body made of high-quality polyamide

Transverse load: F30, F60, F90, F120 (vertically perforated brick, hollow sand-lime brick, solid brick, aerated concrete)

Fire resistance W-UR 10: Concrete: Tensile and transverse loads, R30, R60, R90, R120 (in accordance with Technical Report TR 020)

Masonry tensile load: F30 (solid sand-lime brick, solid brick, hollow sand-lime brick)

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Application area
  • The anchor may be used with a European technical approval for the multiple attachment of non-load-bearing systems (e.g. façades, suspended ceilings etc.)

  • W-UR, W-UR F can be anchored in the following anchoring bases: Standard concrete, masonry walls (solid brick, solid sand-lime brick, vertically perforated brick, hollow sand-lime brick, hollow lightweight concrete blocks, solid bricks and blocks made of lightweight concrete, concrete bricks), aerated concrete

  • Installation temperatures: Temperature of anchoring base: ≥ –20°C

  • Temperature of wall plug body:≥0°C

  • The galvanised screw can be used outdoors or in damp spaces (with careful installation), if the area around the screw head is protected against moisture or rain to ensure that no moisture can penetrate the anchor shaft (suitable paint)

  • Suitable for attaching façade, ceiling and roof substructures (made of wood or steel), wooden beams, wooden laths, metal brackets, metal rails, suspended ceilings, cable conduits, angle brackets, profiles, wall-mounted cabinets, shelves etc.

Anchor diameter

10 mm

Anchor length (l)

185 mm

Max. attachment height (t fix)

115 mm

Nominal drill-bit diameter (d 0)

10 mm

Through-hole in the component to be connected (d f)

10.5 mm

Material of screw


Internal drive


Surface of the screw

Zinc plated

Head type

Countersunk head

Drill hole depth (h 1)

80 mm



Type description

W-UR 10, countersunk head screw

Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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